World of Warriorcraft by warriorcraft
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I spent the last days/weeks throwing together a video about warrior PvP. Unlike most PvP videos, this one is not so much about owning others, as about getting owned. I tried to construct it simillarly to the World of Roguecraft series, in that the plot is driven by a discussion (between a rogue and a warrior, in this case) about class PvP viability. Simply put, the rogue feels warriors are 'at the top of the foodchain', whereas the warrior sees himself as being 'on top of the menu'. They eventually agree on a bet: The warrior shall duel one of each class, and they'll see how he ranks up.
From intercepts that end up farther away from the target than you were in the first place, to getting owned by rank1 frostbolts, to being melee-killed by a hunter, this video contains a lot of things that many warriors feel are frustrating about their class. Despite the somewhat 'whining' premise (that warriors lack any 1on1 viability whatsoever), it is kept entertaining by including several humorous/comedic elements. And of course, there are some pretty spectacular fights, too.

So, if you want to see a video that is not all about outputting insane crits with berserker buff and an army of private healers, but rather about what solo PvP against good enemies feels like as a warrior, this may be interesting for you to watch.

I strongly suggest to not use the Google Video link. I included it for people with very slow internet connections, thus the pictury quality is extremely bad. If at all possible, use one of the other sources provided.

Check here for my equip / talent build:
Check here for a detailed statement from me about the movie:
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