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Its that time again, before you watch please read. As many of you have seen the various tier 5 pictures floating around the internet by either myself or Bronx this is the video to see the sets in action.

This however is a preview, to my final movie that will not just simply be showing tier sets, but a very in depth exploration as well, this movie is due December 25, 2006 and is named Exploration - The Escapade. The movie in its current state is at 23 minutes and I am planning to get to around 30 to 35.

Keep in mind this is only a preview of whats to come, its short, sweet and to the point.

Also, the other reason for releasing a preview, is because at the current time, we only have access to Warrior, Paladin, Mage, Warlock, and Rogue. Shaman and Hunter are not yet completed, and Druid does not even exist yet.

Warlock tier 5 desktop-


Why did I cancel the gladiator movie?

The gladiator sets are the exact same models as tier 4, just a reskin of textures, it would pretty much be like showing the tier 4 movie all over again, the community dosent want that.


Also, many of you have asked me about this movie.


Just for the record, I did not make that, although he posted me as the author -_-


I have nothing to do with Noggaholic.


~Fanatik @Emupedia

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