The 12 Days of Winters Veil by Oxhorn
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To everyone at Blizzard Entertainment,, my fellow machinimator peers and most importantly, all the fans whose support has made movie making all the more worthwhile, I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy Winter’s Veil! Here are the twelve day’s of Winter’s Veil from the movie:

12 Kodos Jumping
11 “I win” Buttons
10 Orcs a-Sleeping
9 Murlocs Dancing
8 Former Horses
7 Dwarves a-Drowning
6 Geeks a-Ganking
5 Gold Nose-Rings!
4 Smelly Ogres
3 Red Snappah!
2 Night Elf Ears
And a Gnome’s Head on a Pine Tree!

There are a number of “easter eggs” in this movie, some of which refer to my other movies and some that don’t. If you think you have found one, list it here and I will fill in the appropriate blank, listing you as the finder!

Easter Eggs

Cameo mock cooking show at the very end
"2 Night Elf ears" is a reference to a brief scene in "Red Snappah!" where Oxhorn asks if he can go slay some elves and take their ears.
Flying Gnome from “The Joy of Punting Gnomes” - Found by Eyetoyo.
All main characters from all my movies make a cameo in the credits - Found by Shortstak.
Three Red Snappah! is a reference to my movie "Red Snappah!" - Found by Punchline.
Chris Farley Dancing from the Chippendales SNL episode - Found by Eyetoyo.
Wheel of Fish segment from "UHF" - Found by Eyetoyo.
Tauren female being chased is Lauren from "Inventing Swear Words 2" - Found by Eyetoyo.
The three characters eating around the pot are from "Inventing Swear Words" - Found by Eyetoyo.
Seven Dwarves, a (subconscious) reference to Snow White and the Seven Dwarves - Found by wuddersup.

Awards and Publications

Featured by WoW Insider on December 25th, 2006. Review can be read here.


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The Making of “The 12 Days of Winter’s Veil”
Chateau de la Mentende Agrafe glon BLUH
Ring Tone for The 12 Days of Winter's Veil, courtesy of crystalgonzales.

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By the way, I'm looking for a literary agent to publish my fiction novel, so if you are one (or know of one) check out my webpage and drop me a line!

All glory and honor goes to Jesus Christ. Merry Christmas!.
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