Keytal 2 - The Movie by Keytal
Class: Priest | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Daggerspine ( Bloodlust )
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Movie Summary
Hi there!

This will be my second and last movie before the Burning Crusade. I was kinda out of time after ihve
released the teaser thats why i release the movie now.

The content:

The recorded clips are mostly from before the 2.0.1 patch but the movie contains lots of "2.0.1 - clips" (You can check it from the Pearl-mod what im using since the latest patch).


There is an intro:
This time the intro shorter, has better tempo and content.

Fight parts - Outdoor:

There are some outdoor PvP clips what have been recorded at the known PvP areas for example Black Rock Mountain and Silithus.

Fight Parts - Battleground and Arena

The movie also contains 1-1-1 clips from each BG-s, and 3 Arena fights with no or passive partner.

10 Shadowpriests vs WSG

Ihve wanted to collect some shadowpriests for the intro and nothing more but fortunately the others wanted more. We got 9 more and after ihve frapsed the scene for the intro we just signed to WSG.


Its always important to me to thank all of my friends whos playing with me or helped me to finish this movie. Ihve tried to make this part more interesting with the editing for those ppl who dont play on this realm.

I hope you will enjoy this movie as enjoyed the editing on it.

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