The Graveyard - Linkars Last Show by Linkar
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To put it short, The Graveyard is a story-line movie told without a single word, with almost a year in development. It has a full fledged story however it is told by music and video and it might be hard to see it, because it's hidden. The reason for that is to let your own mind figure out the story. Everyone that will watch the movie will probably have their own story. Just like all song lyrics mean different things to different people.

I have a written down explanation of the story. I reccomend however that you never read this, the movie will be better when you put your own thoughts into the movie and create your own story.

There are many people I should thank, but I'll narrow it down to Dopefish, Pathologist, Cryect and the rest of the Nogg-Crew.

I know that this will be a "hate it or love it"-movie. Most people wont get the point with the movie. You will probably have to watch the movie several times to catch all the small details that will leadyou to the story. I understand that this wont apeal to everyone and I don't blame you for giving it a bad rating. But if you don't wanna put that kind of effort into a movie, just sit back and enjoy the visual show and the music for 4 minutes.

The first mirror is a 50 mb high quality version of the movie. The second is a large insane quality version. The third is a very low quality google video stream. PLEASE DON'T USE, the file aint that big and the mirrors are decent.

#Nogg-aholic @ Quakenet

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