My Burning Valentine by Dopefish
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Brief History - Nogg-aholic Community
January 7th 2006, a couple of friends created Nogg-aholic Forum. A small community dedicated to exploring and bending the limits of World of Warcraft.

January 7th 2007, the one year anniversary of the community, the day we decided to close it down. The reason for this is because it's no longer a couple of friends having fun together, but a community that have exceeded 10 000 members.

This isn�t going to be the end, it�s a new beginning. From the ashes of the old community, rises a new one, spearheaded by Nayra and those of you who haven�t forgotten what it was like to fly.

Glowing Mushroom Community

Brief History - Nogg-aholic Collaboration
Codenamed NAC for short, was a machinima project which was intended to show just how far it was possible to bend the limits of the game on ordinary realms, live servers.

It started out in the very beginning of the Nogg-aholic community, with alot of motivation and effort put into the project. Together we didn't only stretch the boundaries of the game itself, but those of our imaginations aswell.

What became NAC's death, was that we constantly discovered new things, and got new ideas of what we wanted add to NAC, and the project release constantly got delayed.

Eventually NAC started to seem like it was never going to see the daylight, and peoples motivation and effort faded. After a half year of little to no activity, we finally declared NAC dead, so people could move on.

Brief History - My Burning Valentine
The name origins from that the movie actually was created during Valentine 2006. Sometime around February 11-15.

It was supposed to be a showcase, aswell as a guideline to what NAC (more info further down) was supposed to be about. During the development of NAC, the guidelines became tighter, and this movie became obsolete, thus deemed never to be released.

Just recently, project NAC was declared dead in lack of motivation and efforts. Since nothing similiar to this have been released in soon a year now, I thought it might still be of some interest.

Hopefully, we'll be able to see some of the parts of NAC that actually was finished. The ones that have been released soo far, are these:
Linkar: The Graveyard
Thraxx: The World in Your Hands?
Thraxx: One Night in Blackrock
Cryect: Hellfire Armor
Cryect: End of the World
Cryect: Big Head Mode
Mixed: Global Animation Show-off

Bonus Clips
The Pirate Ship of Doom - Extended
Nogg-aholic Collaboration - Bumps

Credits - NAC Bumps
00:00 - Dopefish, Insect Chorus
Skullmonkeys - Wawawawa
00:16 - Malu05, Us who alter the world
Massive Attack - Angel
00:32 - Dopefish, The dead man and the salmon
ExtremeMusic - XCD121_16: Lowlander
00:49 - Linkar, Something weird
01:04 - Dopefish, Polaroids of Death
ExtremeMusic - XCD097_06: Science Reliance
01:20 - Dopefish, Faraway Dream
Vincent Diamante - Cloud (Ingame loop2)
01:36 - Malu05, Most of them doesn't make it
Minor Chill - Requiem for Mikael

Additional credits goes to Shajn/^shn for providing images that was used for Insect Chorus, Polaroids of Death and a Faraway Dream.

More to come...

#Nogg-aholic @ Quakenet

(Oh btw, for those who wondered what happend to my studies, I'm currently working for a well-known game developer here in Sweden, as their youngest employee).
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