Pre WoW Part 1 by Phlaryu
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or Phlaryu on Xavius-EU, Alliance side.
This is a movie with all the monologue and movie parts from Warcraft 3:ROC/TFT.
The purpose of this serie is to "educate" people somewhat on the history/what happened before World of Warcraft starts.
If you have played most of the instances in WoW you will recognize alot of areas and places.

Have in memory that between some of the clips you destroy a base, find an artifact or kill a targeted hero/enemy.

I split it up in smaller parts, 1 for each campaign so I expect it to be a total of 9 parts. Parts 1-5 will be from Reign of Chaos and part 6-9 will be from the expansion; The Frozen Throne. Part 9 will also be split into 3 acts.

Please note that watching the movies through stream will make it hard (nearly impossible) to read the text in the cutscenes. So it's worth it to wait the time it takes to download them.

If you ever plan to buy and play Warcraft 3:Reign of Chaos or the expansion The Frozen Throne, do not watch this since it will spoil the campaign story.

Pre WoW Part 1
Pre WoW Part 2
Pre WoW Part 3
Pre WoW Part 4
Pre WoW Part 5
Pre WoW Part 6
Pre WoW Part 7
Pre WoW Part 8
Pre WoW Part 9, Act 1
Pre WoW Part 9, Act 2
Pre WoW Part 9, Act 3 FINAL.
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