The Grind - Episode 0 by Oblivious Films
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Episode 0 of the series "The Grind". This episode introduces some of the characters and was basically a testbed for the methods we'd use in future episodes.

"The Grind" is a series our group started to think about making in the fall of '06. Initial filming took place, but winter overtook production and for awhile, it looked like the movie would never be released. Finally spring came and with it came the first episode of what we hope to be a long term series filmed utilizing World of Warcraft.

This first episode introduces the characters of Deso, Macheath, and Drewbie primarily, but features cameos from future stars Equoria, Sheil, Liuv, and Gnorlin as well.

The episode starts off slow, but we had to use up that old BWL footage somewhere. ;)

Just figured I'd drop a quick note to point out that our website is now up and running with Cast Bios, an episode guide, and most importantly, a new store! That's right, now you can get that sought after "The Grind" merchandise. "The Grind" and "Oblivious Films" logo t-shirts, sweatshirts, and even BBQ aprons! Get em while they're hot!

Oblivious Films webpage.
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