Hunter Vs. World 7 - Solo Slave Pens Heroic by dysphoria
Class: Hunter | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Frostmourne ( Bloodlust )
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Movie Summary
This is a short solo vid of Mennu the Betrayer from Slave Pens (Heroic).

I changed the format of the video this time for fun, and made a much shorter video with no RP. It's more like a Solo PvE music video, with minimal editing.

Demia was the first to solo it, though not on heroic, so please watch his movie. There is very little difference between heroic and non-heroic for soloing, so a big /salute to Demia.

I probably won't make another video for awhile, till I have something more worthy to make a decent vid out of, like the content of my older videos (which I much prefer).

I want to contact you!
[email protected] or drop by my server and say hi!


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