Fony's How to make a PvP intro by fony
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UPDATED September 02, 2009

Once again, thank you all so much for last


You should check it out:

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This will be the first in a series of tutorials on PvP video making. Since putting out my first video Ive been asked countless times how I do the wireframe intro as well as the weapon displays, etc etc. Its just a simple video explaining, in detail, how to make an intro.

Sorry for the poor sound quality, it was made on my old computer which had a bad ground.

I dont plan on uploading this to youtube because.. well.. YOU WOULDNT BE ABLE TO SEE ANYTHING. So, just download the full-res version.
Be warned though, the video is 1680x1050 because I didnt want you to miss anything by reducing the size.

Any suggestions on future tutorials are welcomed, just leave a comment or PM me.

More videos to come!

So far:
Getting the Good Shots.
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