Leeroy's Unfinished Business by Btcc22
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Movie Summary
It's a little known fact that the only reason for Leeroy's ninja pulling UBRS action was only so he could get some crispy fried whelp wings into his stomach, and this video revisits the scene of the crime to show what really happened...

But really that's just a poor attempt at a plot line for a music video.

I made this for the song, not because of Leeroy Jenkins. Had it been a song about something else WoW related, I'd imagine I'd have still made it, so please don't a party pooper and say "old", just try and enjoy it. ;)

A full remix of the well known Leeroy Jenkins video, animated from scratch to a remix of the audio.

The song was too good to pass up. :)

Video editing:
Chaosvex (Zenedar, EU)

Music creation:
Funtastic Power! (http://www.keaton-world.com/music.html)

A Rough Go

Enjoy! ( more )

**Do me a favour and download the high quality 30mb one! Streams make the God of Video Quality cry!**

Any stupid "Omgz Leeroy sux, 1/1/1/1" ratings WILL be reported.

MP3 link as a lot of people have been wanting it. From the creator's site, http://www.keaton-world.com/music/Funtastic_Power_-_leeroy_jenkins_fun_times_mix.mp3

(P.S., don't give me any stick about having any wrong items. You try telling what's being worn from the original!).
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