The Good Life by Hamfist Productions
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The reason I made this movie, was because we had some sort of school project, where the subject was "The Good Life" (Det Gode Liv) and I wanted to make a machinima. The only problem was that I had limited time to make it - one week. I wrote the story a week before the school project began, so I felt I had plenty of time. But as soon as the week started, I could feel this was going to be a 24/7 thing.

Well, I made it though, after a hard and stressful week. I presented it at school and got the top grade. Couldn't be better.

The language in this movie is in Danish, since I'm from Denmark (figures) and subbed in English as well as I could.

After the presentation-week, I thought I'd correct a few errors, enhance the colours and add some effects to the movie. So that's what I did.

Three weeks later it was complete and ready to share with the world - Enjoy :)

If you wish to get in contact with me, send a PM to me.
Or send me an e-mail: [email protected]

Music used:
1. Mark Mancina - Isolation
2. Mark Mancina - Saya's Joy
3. Mark Mancina - Chasing The Enemy
4. Airwave - When Things Go Wrong (reversed)
5. Mark Mancina - Infiltration
6. Mark Mancina - Fear The Change
7. Mark Mancina - Saya-Nara
8. Sagisu Shiro - Compassion
9. DJ Mangoo - Eurodancer
10. Mark Mancina - Blood+ Grand Theme (also used for credits)
11. Mark Mancina - Saya's Destiny
12. Mark Mancina - Chasing Thru Time
13. Mark Mancina - Saya's Courage
14. Mark Mancina - Saya's Love
15. Mark Mancina - Saya's Victory
16. Sagisu Shiro - Here To Stay

-Henrik Ebert & Hamfist Productions.


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