I'm A Rogue by dimmers
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Be Inspired with my other class based movies:
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EDIT: I actually don like this one.... I used too much... thought... I might have to redo it... but still with knives.

Check out my YouTube Channel Here AWESOME!!!!

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I WANT TO THANK ALL MY FANS� YOU MADE THIS POSSIBLE� it took a long time to make this high quality machinma and to be accepted into the hall of fame as an equal and considered one of the BEST in the machima community is just amazing. The countless days and nights it took to make Im A Shaman and when it was made was the pinnacle of machnima of its time. I can not but think that I have helped shape and push the machinma community forward with the quality it is today. Thank you again to everyone, you guys are amazing.

This movie focuses around me and my adventures as a rogue around Azeroth. As you can see I have spent much time as a rogue and you might notice the attention to detail that I have put into this video.

I have nothing but love and thanks to the community as I have recived very few negative comments and many positive and uplifting ones.

Thanks again for your love and support
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