Lockstar by Nyhm
Class: Warlock | Category: Machinima | Server : US - Alleria ( Rampage )
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5th music video from Nyhm/Madcow

Many ppl requested that i do a rock style song soooooo here she is.

I STILL cant sing but hell i tried, that counts for something right?

The idea of the song was based around the forum posters constantly wanting more for their class, despite what it would do to the game. they want it and thats all that matters, no matter how outlandish.

I also wanted to do something a little different with the video. I had about half of one done and i was bored with it. Then i saw the actual video for the real version of this song and got the idea to throw warcraft chars with it as it seemed to fit the idea of the song and i liked the idea of having warcraft toons singing with people (since people are the ones playing the game afterall). Plus it made me laugh when the lips matched..

BTW this is the 5th music video in like a month and a half? Im taking a break, I want to play Wow some more. Ill see you again soon.

EDIT: TBH I dont like this video either, much at all. But i made it so i figured i might as well put it out there. I wont do this to ya again, this is the reason im taking a break. At least now ppl wont say " Hey man, i dont like rap you should do a rock song!"

LOL oh well you cant win em all. I think ill stick to rap ;P.
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