Iron Edge: Illidan Stormrage by Devlin
Class: Multiple | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Dunemaul ( Bloodlust )
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Iron Edge: Illidan Stormrage
Point of view: Devlin (rogue) and Brother (hunter).

Last boss in the Black Temple. Also a major figure in the Warcraft lore.
The fight certainly got an "epic" feel to it, and it is a real joy to play. Sadly this fight favors ranged over melee , but we still perform quite well. It is a very long fight which certainly slows down the learning-progress on him.
We did not have too much problem with him however, and I'm happy to finally take down this main figure in TBC!

This video shows our first Illidan kill, from the views of me, and Brother (hunter).

I'd like to thank Iron Edge for giving me this opportunity to fight such a high-end boss. Now we just wait until Sunwell and Zul'Aman comes out. Stay tuned for more movies in the future!


Russell Brower - The Black Temple Music
Tiesto - He's a Pirate
Infected Mushroom - Muse Breaks
Infected Mushroom - Scorpion Frog
Paul Oakenfold - Zoo York

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