2.3 Hunter PvP - Azeroth Gangster by Tree Productions
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : US - Doomhammer ( Nightfall )
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Movie Summary

This is my third pvp movie ive come out with.

First of all, there is no arena in this movie. im getting really sick and really bored of all the new pvp movies coming out, because its just arena. It is strictly 1vX pvp, either world, or battleground. Being on a PvE server sometimes its hard to get good world shots so most of it is in orgrimmar. even still its hard because everyone seems to want to camp your body for 30 minutes until you res.

From the past two movies that ive made ive learned a few things. previously i focused more on editing than the quality of shots, but for this movie i focused on getting clips rather than the editing. The editing is much more sutle in this movie, but its definately there.

This movie was filmed entirely in 2.3 and hopefully shows what the hunter buffs have done to improve hunters in pvp.

A new stream has been added that works now..
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