Hunter BT Solo Farming by Griego
Class: Hunter | Category: How To/Guides | Server : US - Mok'Nathal ( Emberstorm )
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Hunter solo farming the trash before Mother Shahraz in Black Temple,

I've seen one or two videos of hunters doing the same thing but I am following a different path which I find less boring :P

Money can be great,better than anything else if you are lucky. The day I made this video I made 2.5 - 3k gold in 2 hours of farming.

This video has no editing apart from the addition of a background song, which is actually what I was listening when I was kiting.

The video is small, 2 minutes and 48 mb so I suggest you download the filefront version. It is more meant as a guide to farming a specific pack of mobs but it is also a fun kite.

That is the thread I originally posted the video in the US hunter forums

**** WARNING ****

I get a lot of comments like that:

"I saw some hunter soloing heroic bosses a couple months ago, unlike you, his movie actually displayed a minimum of skill lol. Anyways, have fun farming farmable mobs?"

You obviously don't read the description before commenting and it won't make a difference (maybe the big WARNING sign will now help) but here is my default answer :

This movie is meant as a guide to "farm some farmable mobs" not a display of skill. When you know that this pack can be farmed and know the path you can kite them it only requires the most basic kiting skills. And I'm having fun "farming farmable mobs" (as if I could "farm non farmable mobs") making 1k gold per hour on a bad day, thank you.

Thanks for watching anyway, sorry to dissapoint you. Next time I suggest you read the description of what you are going to watch before complaining. .
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