Eviscerate 7 - World PvP, Daggers by Akrios
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Gurubashi ( Reckoning )
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After focusing on arena during season 2 (reaching second place in 5v5 in the
battlegroup), several of the people I played arena with left the game. With little arena to do and clearing content in the first two days of the week, I decided to begin working on another pvp video.

For this video, I wanted the feel of pre bc; this meant mainly world pvp and 1v1s against my server�s best players in a world environment. So if you�re tired of the countless arena videos and want to see world pvp and 1v1s against geared players, I�m hoping you will enjoy this video.

Spec Used: 41 / 20 / 0 Mutilate (several variations of this build). Although this spec suffers against the barrage of cc from opponents (and ironically, shadowstep rogues) in the lower brackets of arena, I feel that it is still effective outside of this narrow realm of pvp. Moreover, I personally feel its an entertaining spec both to watch and to play.

Disclaimer / Notes (*if you read nothing else, read this*):

- This is largely a world pvp and 1v1 video, with 1 arena scene.

- This is an undead rogue pvp video, if this isn�t to your liking, then this video is most likely not for you.

- Everyone has different musical tastes; If these songs aren't enjoyable to you, I suggest muting and playing your own.

- A rogue is forced to go all out in situations against comparable players. If you don't understand that rogues need cooldowns in difficult situations or against difficult opponents, then this video is most likely not for you.

- Filmed Patch 2.3

Gear: A mixture of season 3 and BT / Hyjal is my current gear setup, changing situationally. My most common setup is 1600 ap, 34 crit, 329 resilience, 120 energy, 71 hit, 434 armor pen. Trinkets being ashtongue exalted and renatiki�s. The proc with the bloodlust brooch graphic is 160 ap for 10 seconds from the exatled hyjal ring.

1v1 Opponents:

Awem � Sh. Step rogue - dual warglaives , full t6
Tipss � Frost mage � season 1 4th place 5v5, full vengeful
Kolli � Sh. Step rogue � warglaive, full vengeful / tier 6
Clarity � Resto shaman � merciless gladiator
Cabana � Disc priest � Full venge, field marshal
Taroon � Ms warrior � Warglaive, gladiator, marshal

Link to my interface:

*Download this and change the names in the WTF folders to your own information. All mods work as of 2.3. Credits on the discord art to Ghostz.


To play avi files: www.divx.com


Hirano Yoshihisa - Death Note Theme
Final Fantasy - One Winged Angel
Scary kids scaring kids - My Darkest Hour
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication
Ready Steady Go (Korean Remix) - Paul Oakenfold

I appreciate you taking the time to watch. As always, comments and constructive criticism are appreciated and valued. If you have any questions I would appreciate if you pm�d me on WCM.

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