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The first Chapter is published here


The first teaser trailer of our machinima project "Veil of Corruption".

The movie tells the story of the two factions Alliance and Horde lead into a new era of war and chaos.

The basic storyline of part 1 (we plan to record a trilogy with a related story) introduces the main characters and their involvement in the proceedings.
Both Alliance and Horde leaders get slowly corrupted by ... hmmm ... we won't break this secret at the moment ;)

The movie shows the proceedings on both sides and ends with a great battle as the cosequence of the activity of the betrayers who act behind a confusing veil of corruption.

We decided to record the movie with german language voice over because...well this is something new, there is no german language storyline machinima at the moment.

Nevertheless we also want to invite the international machinima community to watch "Veil of Corruption", so we will release a version with complete english subtitles.

At the moment the recordings are nearly complete and about 50% of the voice recording is done. Our planned release date ist in early summer 2008.

The trailer shows scenes already recorded mixed to a 3:11 minutes long teaser trailer.
It contains german voice over and english subtitles.

Have a lot fun with watching "Veil of Corruption".

The "Blackhand Pictures" filmcrew


Dies ist der erste Teaser Trailer zu unserem Machinima Projekt "Veil of Corruption".

Der Film stellt die Ereignisse auf Horden- und Allianzseite dar, die zu einem erneuten Krieg zwischen den Fraktionen führt. Hinter den Kulissen handeln Charaktere, die einer
Macht dienen, über deren genaue Indetität und Ziele wir zu diesem Zeitpunkt noch nichts verraten wollen.
Die Führer von Allianz und Horde werden durch diese Verräter langsam in ein Netz der Korruption verwickelt, was ihnen am Ende keine Wahl mehr lässt, als erneut in den Krieg zu ziehen.

Derzeit sind die Aufnahmen fast fertig und etwa 50% der Stimm-Aufnahmen sind im Kasten. Veil of Corruption wird eine Trilogy mit zusammenhängender Story.
Wir planen den ersten Film im Frühsommer 2008 hier zu veröffentlichen.

Der Teaser Trailer zeigt als kleinen Vorgeschmack eine Zusammstellung verschiedener Szenen aus dem Film.

Viel Spass beim Ansehen des Trailers.

Die "Blackhand Pictures" Filmcrew


Edit #1: 08-04-07

Hey folks,

first of all thanks a lot for votes and feedback, no matter if they were low or high rated.
We will take every comment to heart and use it to improve the movie. Your honest feedback is very important for us.

Topic german voice over:

Yes we know that it is something new and perhaps something strange for many user here. As well to many of you the german language may sound kind of funny;)
But as native German language speakers we decided to do this in our language, cause things like right pronounciation or dialects could only be done by native speakers. Noone of us is English native speaker.
Further at the moment there is no german voice over WoW machinima, so doing somenthing new was very important to us.
As a little consolation you'll get full English subtitles, so please be patiant with us about this.
We were self-conscious about doing a German voice over machinima is kind of risc and at least will decrease ratings. This is a risc we have to take nevertheless we stand behind our descision.

Topic: Tales of the Past

Some of you pointed out the comparision to TotP.

Just one thing we want to make sure:
All of us are great fans of TotP (we consider it as a milestone machinima making) and yes Martin's movies inspired us starting to record machinima. But it's not our goal to beat this great movies or make a cheap copy. The storyline is kind of different and we hope that our own style of machinima-making will make the difference. Noone likes cheap copies of great work, nore we do.

So keep an eye on WCM for the release in Summer and good look for all directors, actors, voice talents, etc.


Varath // Blackhand Pictures Filmcrew .
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