Tosan 4 - Trying Too Hard by Tosan
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Korgath ( Vengeance )
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I'd like to make it clear that, this video is not about PvP Prowess of any kind. It's about pure fun.

Note: Alot of people don't realize that Laddak is my alt, not another player, just to clarify for those who didn't know.

I have always enjoyed the softer, funner, more comedic side of PvP, the reason we all play this game, for the FUN of it, nothing else should matter when playing a game, to be honest.

For those of you who waited patiently, I love and thank you very much. This didn't take so long to put out because it's supposed to be some massive epic thing, I just got bogged down during Season 1, had to work more, eventually got mentally overwhelmed with everything at once and put it off, and I apologize sincerely for it. If I knew it would take me this long, I would never have made a trailer. I appreciate your forgiveness and understanding.

I thank you for watching, and I really hope you have fun, and crack a smile ATLEAST a few times.

Since I know people will ask, here are the Addons I use:

Bartender (most recent, whatever version number it is)
Item Rack
Focus Frame

Songs are in the credits.

Other Movies:
Tosan 3: Mutilicious
Tosan Twos: Renataki Twins
Tosan 2: Time to Waste
Hardpacked Holiday!

Thanks for watching!
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