Searing Pain VS. Drain Life @29 by fony
Class: Warlock | Category: How To/Guides | Server : US - Crushridge ( Cyclone )
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Wow, featured? Just to be clear, this was more of an informative video for the tab-dot locks out there. My goal (as it's always been) is to help improve the quality of PvP at low levels. Flame twinks if you want! We're all failed 70s anyways right?! ;)

Song is "1961" by Negative pH

Okay so here's the deal, apparently it's frowned upon to use searing pain in the 29 bracket. Being a firm believer of the "not knowing what the f*ck I am doing and trying out everything for myself" technique. I decided to see if a perfectly geared warlock could make searing pain useable in burst damage situations.

I used a ~2k hp twink, DirtyAuction (level 19 to prevent any resists) and spammed him with Drain Life, Searing Pain, and even threw in Shadow Bolt because we all know that will probably destroy the others, but the cast time/chance of pushback/lack of mobility is its Achilles heel.

This will be in an assumed unlimited HP/heals environment where the HP regen benefit of Life Drain will not be taken into account and there is no damage assist from any other spell/dot.

This test was performed because of some "clash of opinions" and I wanted to know what facts, not an ego-claim.

Hopefully this helps some of you 29 locks be that much more of a pain in the ass and realize that its "okay" to use searing pain in select situations.

Again, I want to emphasize that this is a base comparison of pure DAMAGE/time between the spells. NOT a suggestion to use STRICTLY SP instead of Drain Life.


You may have to actually go to the vimeo website in order to view the HD version (highly recommended)..

or just download it



"What is the normal % spell crit for a twink lock? is 10% higher or lower than we should expect?"

I have Naxx shoulders and Death Speaker Robes which gives me an additional ~6% crit, I highly suggest getting both the +20 shadow robes and the DS robes and switch them out whenever you see fit..
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