BT Speed Clear: 1h 49m (Warlock PoV) by Kyth (StratFu)
Class: Warlock | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Turalyon ( Stormstrike )
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Movie Summary
Learn ways you can speed up your own BT clears with this page in our strat guide:

* Speed Run: BT Explained

We also have a page talking about speed clears in general, what it gains you, and general tips for moving quickly and efficiently in any zone:

* How and Why to do Speed clears

During the video bosses are indicated and also have a note for how long it took us to get there. We have a WWS of the run:


Video is shown 3x normal speed (37 minutes long.)

Highlights include:

* Naj'entus: Our melee prioritize the Olympics over the speed clear and think that pulling/throwing spines are for wusses!

* Supremus: Jynxx displays amazing cleverness and has CoD go off right after phase change. She gets crushed when he turns and melees her before going back to his chase target and has the honor of being the only death

* Bloodboil trash: Dryf hits ancestral recall instead of rez; he still owes me a soulshard

* Bloodboil: Kontested's FD timer is up right as Fel Rage goes off, and guess who gets it? Luckily Bazz grabs the loose Bloodboil and the healers heal like crazy and we don't wipe.

* RoS: Booney dies at the end of P1 and RoS goes on walkabout a bit to see the sights. Our mages crit themselves to death while the warlocks laugh

* Mother trash: on the first pack, warlock gets MC'd, fears shaman into a second pack, hilarity ensues

* Illidan: Jynxx forgets to bind a shadowbolt for firephase, and has to cast out of the spellbook. But Arkadu trumps her by actually dying to the eyebeam, and only a fast shieldwall from Bazz saves the day with zero additional deaths.

* All night: accidental double trash pulls due to fears miscommunication, and bad timing. See it all!

Boss engage timestamps on the video if you want to skip to a section:

02:30 Naj'entus
05:05 Supremus
09:45 Akama
14:35 Teron Gorefiend
19:10 Gurtogg Bloodboil
21:20 Reliquary of Souls
27:45 Mother Shahraz
31:35 The Illidari Council
34:15 Illidan

Sunwell strats, speed runs, video guides, and more:

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