Zexe Mage PvP by Xmo
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : US - Smolderthorm ( Reckoning )
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Movie Summary
Hey everyone, I知 Zexe of Smolderthorn, and I had always really wanted to make a video. I had an awesome time making it although I couldn稚 pick and choose clips as much as I wanted, but I learned how to use Sony Vegas which is very helpful for a class I知 taking.

**I apologize for the horrible quality and HIGHLY recommend that you download it to able to tell what痴 going on at all**

I致e always watched a lot of PvP videos so you値l notice a few trends of other videos in here, I in no way take credit for these ideas. I simply liked them so much I wanted to incorporate it into my own.

I respecced quite a bit during the time I was shooting this so you値l most likely notice some stupid mistakes on my part when I知 readjusting back to either pom pyro or frost.

**Please note this video is purely for entertainment, not proving how good or bad I am**

What To Expect:
-2v1 Arena
-Me making mistakes
-Emo screamo music

Please send questions/comments on AIM at zVaNiLLan or make an @post on Smolderthorn forums and we can talk on vent or something. All comments/flames appreciated.

It was a ton of fun! ♀

Flame away.
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