Tehseus - Retri/Disci 2050 by Tehseus
Class: Paladin | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Teldrassil ( Hinterhalt )
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Tehseus's Arena Team 1
Tehseus Empathic
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Hey everybody!

I came back from my 2 months break about 3 weeks ago and of course I wanted to play some arena again. Due to the fact I wasn’t be able to find a proper rogue/mage I asked a very good priest named Empathic if he would like to play with me.

I imagined all the CC possibilities priest and retri could pull off together in one team especially with the priest skilled 38/2/21. So we started playing to get weapon rating, it wasn’t easy but we managed to break 2050 after two weeks. In fact we are the #1 active Disc/Ret team in the world atm.

All fights have been recorded between 1900 – 2060 rating, but we also faced teams playing 2100+ a couple of times.

If you don’t like arena, this video is nothing for you, its an arena only movie, containing tactics and fights against:


As you can see I have tried to show as many different combos as possible, I have also added some tactical hints for every combo, also you can review my spec, macros and gear at the and of the movie.

I also tried to keep the editing clear and simple for best overview and viewing pleasure, the quality is turned out really really good again, give it a try by downloading if you can, you won’t be disappointed!

Well now I can only hope that you enjoy the movie as much is I did making it, have fun watching! You are welcome to leave a comment!

Best Greetings

Update 08.10.09 : Somebody uploaded the movie to youtube so I added the links, they should work!

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