Longest Destro Arena Match by VisitorCz
Class: Warlock | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Drak'thul ( Reckoning )
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Hello everyone!
I've recorded this funny clip, somehow showing how stupid Rogue/Druid is. We have met a lot of Rogue/Druid teams in our way to 1950, in one day, there was 86% of teams only Rogue/Druid (Played 15 matches). I had many many problems making this video, and I lost some material and few scenes, one of the scene however showed the most stupid moment.
Cyclone - Soul Fire/Shadowfury + Starfire/Moonfire combo, which downed rogue to 1%, where his Cheat Death procced, he pulled CloS, Vanish and reappeared again with full HP. Sorry for that, it was really funny.
Our arena match was 34 minute long, minus lost scenes and 5 minut cut(Only druid left and didn't wanted to give up), it has 21 minutes.
Video is including our tactics and tips.
Video is from Destro Warlock's PoV.
I'm obviously getting carried by teammate.
Yes, we have reached 1950 and I got my S3 shoulders.
And I'm going to make arena footage for you guys, just movie with tips for all Destro locks out there.
Due to my computer, I was not able to record more footage, I have around 4 other matches from our road to 1950. But I'll record more from our road to 2000.

Weapons of mass distortion - The Crystal Method
I got war - Gluecifer
Baby hates me - Danko Jones
Pull strings harder on your martyr - Trivium
Invincible - Static X

There are maybe some bugs in the movie, sorry for that.

Thank you.

And eolypselol / Drizes, you're welcome to flame my movie as any other, don't forget to say something like u suck or l2p as you do in every my movie! ;) Thumbs up..
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