WTFrost Volume 2 by Faxmonkey
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : US - Blackrock ( Bloodlust )
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Movie Summary
This video does not include arena PvP, nor mad engineering skills, nor particularly skilled opponents. It's me beating down newbs as convincingly as I can. Not interested? Watch something else! But if you want to see someone smashing newbs in groups 2 and 3 into tiny, frosty fragments -- then this is your video.

I started frapsing clips for this video after getting a new computer very recently, but having just received a beta key I realized I would have to spend all my available playtime on beta. So rather than delete the clips I had, or save them until after 3.0 came out, I decided to just make whatever video I could with what I had. That means this is a short video. Sorry . . .

One last note, 2 clips in this video are sped up from their original speed. They are the two clips shown during the *second* song. ALL OTHER CLIPS ARE PLAYED AT ACTUAL GAME SPEED -- I really do cast *that* fast with my gear. Those are 1.3 second Frostbolts you are seeing -- and you should see them when I have bloodlust.


Turntable Rockers - Boom
Skankfunk - Snapped
Pendulum and Freestylers - Painkiller
Hyper - We Control

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