The Rumpus Machine by Oblivious Films
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Movie Summary
An easily frightened dwarf stumbles upon a strange machine in the middle of the road. Little does he know that this "metal pig" is about to take him and his friends on quite an adventure. From sexy dancing girls to deep dark dungeons (where a familiar man lurks), this Rumpus Machine has a mind of its own!

Created for and entered in the 2008 Blizzcon machinima contest. Special thanks to the one and only Deckard Cain for making an appearance!

For those asking, yes, that is the real voice of Deckard Cain, Michael Gough, who was kind enough to appear in our movie as his well known Diablo character. We were greatly humbled to have him as part of our production.

Edit: And to save you the trouble of asking, no we didn't stop making the Grind. Yes, we're working on a new episode. No we won't tell you when it'll be done other than "soon"..
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