Neilyo 14.5 BrutalVeng Glad by Neilyo88
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Cho'gall ( Rampage )
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lol@typo on the 1st subtitle, at first I couldnt render it all together then forgot to take out the text :x

dl link;12065506;/fileinfo.html

Questions -> msg me here

Got a 3 day ban on Monday from ranking other chars (was rank 1 on ruin 2s) so couldn't get any last day footage. We're 100+ points over 2nd place on my rogue, but idk if we are eligible for the title b/c of the ban.

I didn't expect the season to and as fast as it did so I hadn't started trying to get footage until it was announced. I didn't have an opportunity to get some specific things frapsed that I wanted to show such as situations/match ups where focus deadly throw / gouge are really useful. Anyhow this is what I happened to have, a lot of it are rogue duels b/c I had a lot of requests to show how to recover from being opened on and about openers, this was easy to get b/c I didnt have to arena and try to find that perfect situation annnnd there are a few random arena matches.

Song List: MUTE if you dont like it.
1) Dj Splash remix - Crying Soul
2) Ronald Jenkees - Throwing Fire
3) Dj Splash - This is My Life
4) Speed of Sound a1 c64 remix.
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