Enhancement Shaman - How to Solo Onyxia by Snoozo
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I made a movie to show every other enhancement shaman out there, thats interrested in making ~200g or so extra per Onyxia reset how to do this. Along with this, enhancement shaman is at the moment the fastest class to solo onyxia as, this kill took me 18 or so minutes to accomplish.

In this Movie i used my usual raiding Spec, wich is: http://www.wowhead.com/?talent=hV0hZhLxcoxdAIkubot

Using Mail gear aint such a bad idea, alot of the damage in Phase1 and 3 consists of her melee damage, along with a fair amount of "hunter, Enhancement Shaman" gear for the intellect. you want a fairly decent mana pool to not run into "dry" areas when waiting for shamanistic rage to come back up :)

Now to clear a few things up:

Do i suck at making movies/intros?

Yes absofuckinglutely do, i never touched movie making let alone frapsing up until i made this!

Did i wipe alot before doing this?

Nop, i had 2 failed attempts before my 1st kill, and 2 or 3 before my 2nd. its all about phase2 control (OH HI DEEP BREATH) :D

Got any other questions, just ask here :)

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Track list:

1.Black Eyed Peas - Pump it.

2.Black Eyed Peas - Let's Get Retardet (yes not started)

3.Bob Sinclair - World Hold On.

4. Blink 182 - Everytime I Look For You

AAAND, for some reason im not alllowed to comment on my own movie anymore :D

But for the last "claim" about me having a priest with me, hes having fun PVP'ing while he was making the raid group so i could enter. if you notice along the way he even has mortal strike debuff, i doubt they buffed onyxia that much :)

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