Revived - Call to Arms ( Stormscale EU ) by Keytal
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Hi there!

After forming a guild on Stormscale we came to realize recruiting the right people for raiding is not an easy job since most of them were already in other HE PvE guilds and 85% of the population on the server is PvP oriented.

Apart from the standard recruitment posts I wanted to make something unique so I made this short movie.

Before you watch it you have to know about a few details:

This is NOT a machinima or a contest movie, the visual material is 99% frapsed in game ( 2-3 scene made with wow modelviewer ) with adding some effects here and there. The time I had for the project was really short since the request came late and I really wanted to finish it before WoTLK ( I think the time and effort put into it made it pretty cool )

The movie has a small story which required HE PvE content materials which we could not get ourselves ( i hope it is understandable since we formed this guild not a long time ago ) so I had to use other materials for filling up one really short scene.

Used programs:

- Sony Vegas
- Fraps
- WoW Modelviewer
- Photoshop
- MPQ Viewer

Used Source:

- WoW MPQ ( for unit speech and spell effects )
- Warcraft III MPQ ( for enviromental sound effects )
- Blizzard WoTLK Cinematic Trailer ( 3 sec )
- Other PvE movie Kil'Jeaden part ( 5 sec )
- Jurassic Park I ( for the T-Rex roars )
- One picture of Horn from the web ( Call to Arms scene )

I hope you will enjoy this short movie like i enjoyed the editing on it :)

For further information about the guild please visit our website @


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