Buddhist: Dancing with Shadows by Buddhist
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : US - Black Dragonflight ( Stormstrike )
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Buddhist's Arena Team 1
Cloudsong Buddhist
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Shadow Dance Back Stab, 3.0.2 -- 70 and 80 content.

Yes, the file is large. It's 32 minutes and very high quality. I highly suggest downloading if you can. If you can't, though, use Imeem, it's a relatively high quality stream.

Hey qts. I quit WoW for a few months pre WOTLK, but the chance at playing professionally, and maybe moreso the extremely high skill cap of SD, have brought me back to the game. I was only around for about a week before WOTLK came out, and some of the 70 footage is from my 1st day back from my break. That said, the video was meant to be entertaining, and I believe you'll agree that it is.

What to expect:
-Level 70 Arena
-Level 70 and 80 Duels
-Ronald Jenkees teaching you how to snap yo fingas

What to not expect:
-World PvP
-The best players in the world
-Mahiko =(
-Me having a place to live in a month

Again, I'm using a good amount of Ronald Jenkees' work. He's a great artist, and I suggest everyone buy his CD at his website.

-William Orbit -- Adagio for strings
-Ronald Jenkees -- Throwing Fire
-Ronald Jenkees -- STS9 Collaboration
-Disney's Yo Ho -- Sung by Buddhist
-Michael Hedges -- Because it's there
-Dead can Dance -- Summoning of the Muse
-Ronald Jenkees -- Stay Crunchy
-DJ Tiesto -- Adagio for strings
-Slagsmalklubben -- Sponsored by Destiny
-The bond -- Wintersun

EDIT, was originally in response to chrillz: Yes, i didn't play perfectly, some of my opponents sucked... most of the footage is from right after i came back after a 5-6 month break, also i got the footage over a couple days, and not from tons and tons of duels or arena matches (due to the fact that it's all 3.0 and wotlk)... but you can't really say i played poorly in general, that'd just be ignoring all the good moments of the vid... Besides, my vids were NEVER about playing well. They were always about playing decently and having good editing, or doing something unique. Just making the vid entertaining. Yes, my video is far better than neilyo's. I edited, I made it entertaining. Sorry for not dueling each of my opponents 60 times for omg super skilled clips. That's not what it's about.

It all came down to this: Did I want to wait weeks until I had unrealistically perfect footage and let the good footage I already had from 70 get too out dated to use? Or did I want to just release this vid, and make another one later? (One decent vid + one great vid) > (one great vid and no decent vid), imo.

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