Mutilate Raid Dps Guide by Akrios
Class: Rogue | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Cho'gall ( Rampage )
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This is an update to the level 70 mutilate raid guide. Although I believe this to be currently accurate, the information provided is subject to change. This should be considered a very general guide. Hope it helps some people out.

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Music - Wasted - Andy Duguid featuring Leah

Some things to note about this guide:

- Using cut to the chase to refresh SnD with less than 2 global cooldowns remaining on SnD can be dangerous if your expertise and hit rating are lacking because your finisher can be dodged. If you get a lot of dodges and don�t have the best gear, consider doing your envenom at about 3 seconds left, so that if it gets dodged you�ll have enough time to preform another. If you are unable to refresh SnD with your finisher, simply use the combo points on SnD and continue your cycle.

- Envenom vs Eviscerate is still something that isn�t defnite. I personally feel envenom is superior but if you are adamant about using eviscerate, the guide still applies in the same way. Simply sub out envenom for eviscerate. As well, if you are forced to refresh slice and dice and don�t have many deadly stacks, you should be eviscerating. This should occur rarely.

The basic principles of raiding as mutilate

- Keep up hunger for blood, and renew it as late as possible

- Keep up slice and dice, renew it late with a finisher

- Do finishers at 4-5 combo points

- You don�t need to spam abilities, you can let your energy regen

- Your second finisher after envenom will be rupture. As specified in the video, this does not mean that you simply envenom finisher then rupture finisher every time. You might not be able to rupture during one set of a cycle, which is fine. Rupture should be used when you have sufficient energy and global cooldowns to maintain HfB and SnD via cut to the chase after using rupture, mutilate x2 and a finisher

- Your first slice and dice can and should be as few points as possible because it will be refreshed with your finisher

What happens if your cycle gets messed up? Realistically HfB will fall off sometimes, and when it does you have to restart the cycle. First restack hunger will keeping up snd with finishers. If snd also fell off, get HfB back up before getting a slice and dice up.

If you have vanish up when your rotation gets muttled, be sure to use it here in order to have overkill dampen the blow of the energy cost in re-stacking HfB

Why get vigor?

I find vigor to be much more valuable in a raid than the extra point in ruthlessness. In any scenario where you can regenerate energy past 100 (downtime where you can�t attack, or as shown in the video this gives you more time to regenerate while HfB, Rupture, and SnD all have sufficient time remaining). I doubt you�ll find a "right" answer here, but if you feel that vigor is wasted then feel free to put the other point in ruthlessness.

I want to make it clear that this is a preference. Ruthlessness will be more static damage than vigor, especially on stationary encounters like patchwork or gluth.

Master Poisoner?

If you have a crit buff in the raid (ie. ret pally) then get turn the tables instead.

Why go mut when HaT is so good right now?

It�s a bugged spec that won�t be this strong after it is nerfed..
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