Sarth25 + 3: A Tutorial by Kyth (StratFu)
Class: Mage | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Turalyon ( Stormstrike )
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==Important 3.0.8 Note==

"Dancing" Twilight Torment no longer works (playing with attack on/off to remove the buff right before he breaths.)

This narrated video explains the intricacies of the hardest fight in WoW right now: Sartharion with three drakes up.

The Strategy Guide

Our strategy page for the fight explains additional details that couldn't be conveyed well in text, has all the key data for the fight, and includes a complete transcript of the movie:

How We Learned It

One of our raidleaders wrote up a night-by-night recap of the various things we tried, where we succeeded, where we failed. It's a good insight into what happens before the kill:

Want more like this?

I'm announcing new strategies and videos, as well as strat tidbits for the current fights in naxx on my strats blog:

FuStrats: Strategies, Guides, and Movies

There's an RSS feed available if you prefer to just get notified when there's something new. For example, today I announced a new guide to raiding Naxx safely if you want to get TheImmortal achievement:

Hey, Sweet UI! What Addons Did You Use?

Thanks! I made an interactive imagemap and a page of not just all my addons, but also links to download them, special features of them, and full details on how to use them at:

The Movie

Through text, graphics, and voiceovers, the details of the fight are explained and highlighted to make it easier to grasp the strategy details of the fight.

I cover:
- raid composition
- positioning
- how the drake debuffs work
- tank gibs/breath mechanics
- keeping the whole raid alive
- timings
- how to use the portal

Wait What? Why Are You Doing This?

If you don't kill the Drakes before engaging Sarth, the three of them join the fight at preset intervals and wreak all sorts of extra havoc beyond just being three additional mobs to kill.

But you get three extra drops from Sarth's loot table (for a total of 5 + set pieces) *and* you get a mount (Blue Dragon.) Plus of course getting the achievements.

Have more questions?

Feel free to post them on our forums:

How do I know you guys know what you're talking about?

We were one of the first ten guilds in the US to complete the fight. We have been doing the fight for a month now, and this video and strat page represent our collective knowledge and experience with the fight, including the 10-man version.

About me

I played a Warlock in TBC, and now play a Mage in Wrath. I made the popular guide for the SL/Felguard spec that was used for leveling by the first level 80 in the world, Nymh, and many other films during Sunwell and BT/MH.

I have been making movies for MMO's for about seven years now, and this is my second fully-narrated tutorial.
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