Akrios Arena V. II -Duels+Arena by Akrios
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Cho'gall ( Rampage )
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*As always, the download is higher quality than the stream. There's also a .mp4 download link available, but the wmv turned out as better quality. If you do stream, the one on roguerogue is better, i just put up the others to give an option.*

The following is my first WOTLK PvP video. Although arena (and pvp as a whole) is far from balanced, I decided to record when I had some time during the first few weeks of the season. Iíve also included a few duels.

Of note in the duels is Golbeza (top ten all brackets betrayer of humanity), unholy DK. In this particular duel I show how to take it slow against them when pillars are part of the equation. It's important not to rush things.

If you're wonderying what I'm trinketing against unmercey (from wcm if you're wondering) its sap, he is garroting without breaking sap.

I also want to note that all of the opponents I dueled in this video are excellent players.

Most of the arena content is mage / rogue with Aeias, a really incredible player. We're running frost, and we've been as high as 2100 despite taking a nose dive last night. The setup is far from overpowered but we feel we have a chance against most teams. There are two 3v3 clips as well from an afternoon when I was playing ret / priest / rogue for fun.

One mistake I'll note is a trinket+bop in one game, but this is because I was waiting for bop and didn't know if it was coming, trinketed and wasted it. I kept the clip in because it was an exciting game that was turned around by some kiting+cc.

Music: I used all trance+progressive in this video. If it's different from your norm, either give it a chance or mute it and play your own.

Leon Bolier - Ocean Drive Boulevard
The Doppler Effect - Beauty Hides in the Deep (Blizzard Mix)
The Killers - Human (Armin van Buuren Mix)
Cafe Del Mar - Energy 52 (Out of the Office Mix)

For more info, or my ui, check out the roguerogue.com or ui links respectively..
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