Objects in Space by k4li
Class: Warrior | Category: Underground | Server : EU - Kult der Verdammten ( Raserei )
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Movie Summary

This is FOR you if : You like chillout music, landscape, nostalgia

This is NOT for you if : You don’t like LONG movies, like PvE WITH interface shown

This is nothing new, just my farewell present for this epic but sadly too consuming game.

This Movie will take u on a musical trip throughout the Universe of World of Warcraft.
U will dive into a characters voyage, struggling his way to level 70.
I created it to keep some beautiful places present, which will mostly be forgotten after a while, especially in times of Wotlk, when everyone lives in the 80s. You will see nothing but the mighty shiny Blizzard Engine, no After Effects, no particle illusions, no photo shops =) I needed to show people who don’t play WoW and those who keep complaining about obsolete graphics, how sweet this game can be.

Btw,i shot this movie while i was just leveling my warrior, didn't have the time to visit any special places, it should be authentic and painfull =)

Oh, and the movie actually consists of 4 parts.


i know its insanely huge but its worth downloading.

Middle Quality Version : 3,5 mbps .wmv
High Quality Version : 6,4 mbps .wmv
(To get Part III and IV in high quality (not enough link slots given by wcm), just use any linked part and click: 'View Files' at the top of the filefront page and u will see all of them)

thx &

PS : don't forget to rate =)

PS� : --- SONGLIST is at the end of PART 4 ---
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