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Burn #4 (Death's Sting + 5/5 DDE) - The Master of Pain

Found my old videos on the HD I used to use - the WarcraftMovies stream should be working now.



Since i've been getting a lot of negative comments about the video, i'd like to clear a few things up. It is NOT like other rogue movies available today, or that you have seen and are used to. While I do show a
handful of longer fights, for the most part they are sped up and fit with the music, which was my ultimate goal. Yes, there are a lot of Critical strikes, perhaps too many, but I had a feeling I would get flamed for adding just a few of these scenes. My intentions were to prove that I can do them on a regular basis, and it is not just a fluke or lucky occurence.

I believe that still, only one horde guild on my server has even taken down Nefarian, so it's kind of hard to face any Horde that are NOT undergeared. With 50 minute que's for battlegrounds, on a PVE server, I can't pick my fights and I have to get footage with what I am given to play against. Don't get me wrong, there are geared players in this video I face, but there are many who aren't and those clips don't last very long.

I've tried out keybindings in the past, and feel that I am faster and more comfortable clicking the majority of my skills. I do have some binds on my mouse, which has 8 buttons, but people neglected to notice the times when I used them. So yes, if you feel that mouse clicking negates all skill a person has don't even watch nor rate this video, it's the most ignorant thing i've ever heard. This movie isn't a true showcase of my personal skill, if I wanted that it would be filled with duels against set up opponents and other longer, drawn out fights during PVP. It is for entertainment, and hopefully you notice some skill along the way.

** End Update **

Firstly, thanks for your interest. This is the fourth video I have created, and the second that I have uploaded on to Warcraftmovies. It is another fast paced video full of action, and I tried my best edit it to flow with the speed of the music. Featuring songs from bands like Dragonforce, 3 inches of blood, Rhapsody, and even a little Dimmu Borgir for you black metal fans, you'll definitely want to turn the volume up for this one.

My build is Seal fate/Vigor, 31/8/12.
Ctprofiles link:

I use Death's Sting and the Pugio for weapons, and
have 5/5 of the Deathdealer's set.
29.2% Critical strike
1062 Attack power
4543 Health Points

Almost all of this video shows clips of PVP in the battlegrounds, due to the fact that I play on Khadgar, a PVE server. World PVP is pretty dead, so I made due with what I have and tried to make the best video possible.

I make good use of the Renataki's Charm of Trickery, thistle tea, the Gnomish death ray, and I even showcase an expose armor combo for some very powerful ambushes. Not to mention with the bonus from 5 Deathdealer's, my eviscerate damage has increased pretty dramatically.

I had a pretty fun time creating the film, and I hope you enjoy watching it.

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