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The Tier 4 Archive: Remake
Just as I said, I would be remaking the video to fix a few issues that the first one had, such as poor lighting on some sets, along wtih the fact the Blizzard left a few set pieces unfinished for some classes.

However, in the 6022 Blizzard fixed a few things, not only will you see all the sets again, but some highlights below aswell.

-The fixed Rogue helm fully textured
-The fixed Mage shoulders
-Fixed Priest shoulders
-Fixed Warlock helm


~Fanatik @Emupedia

* I have nothing to do with Nogg-aholic.

Gladiator sets & EoS bg ETA - Cancelled. Tier 5 movie in the works.

Set names, as parsed from the WDB.

Druid - Malorne

Warrior - Warbringer

Warlock - Voidheart

Rogue - Netherblade

Priest - Incarnate

Paladin - Shattrath

Mage - Scryer

Hunter - Demon Stalker

Shaman - Cyclone