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Shadow Word: Dance 2
New Movie Out

A couple of things:
While I am not myself level 70, all but two of the opponents in this video are. ;) I pay the monthly fee to PvP, and I tend to find it more exciting fighting people at higher levels than me. :D

The file size is massive for a twelve minute video. This is because a/v quality is really important to me. For that same reason, there won't be a LQ version released.
Bite the bullet, download the damn thing. For the majority of you who won't, I'll throw up a Stage6 stream soon. =D

The video is in xvid format. If you don't already have the codec, download it here.

Song List:
Kings of Leon - Taper Jean Girl
Mute Math - Chaos
OK Go - Do What You Want
Muse - Hyper Music
Black Eyed Peas - Sexy

Discord Unit Frames
Scrolling Combat Text

Programs Used:
Sony Vegas 7.0

I'm damn happy with this. So, enjoy, folks.