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Albis 4 - TBC Worldpvp
I told myself I wouldn't make a new video. Takes to long finding anyone worth killing, to many corpse runs when you get outplayed by 6 people. Takes to long to get footage outside BGs killing undergeared people who are lost looking for honor. It's tough straying away from easy mode, having your macros or pets fight for you. TBC offers little but I had alot of free time to kill.

So I specd what I though would be the most fun to watch, the hardest to play. I went to the farming spots and instances and went after the known players on Darkspear. I killed a few, got droped at times, did my best stay true to world pvp.

This isn't the most insane pvp you'll see. I use my cooldowns to their fullest, being elemental and playing on Darkspear you have to. So many people are making vids nowadays. This isn't the most professionaly edited video. But I think it's a good blend of the two.

Hope you like the UI and simularities of past vids. If you find undead model offensive do not watch the vid..