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Mechanar Chest Run 400G/h
Well this is my second Movie. Well the editing is not perfect and the music is not for everyone BUT i wanted to release this as soon as possible so you can try it your own before blizzard fix that!

Its a really great chance to make MUCH money! Of course you need a little luck with the chest loot, but there are a lot of Blue items inside, and nearly 7 gold per chest. So at least without any items 30g/h

Okay to make some things clear...
The rogue i used inside the video is NOT MY charakter, thats why i click all the time the buttons instead of binding them. I was to lazy to do that! ;-)

I don't care if everyone is crying now "omg they will nerf it" Sooner or later blizzard would have fix that, so?
Start thinking normal again! It is just a game!
Everyone has the right to try this if he want, so why dont share it with others? Stop thinking just about yourselfs.


Can't you write something else instead of "ohhh you asshole mimimimimi *cry*" i don't care about that lol!

I do what i want. And why not release this video here for everyone? Thats why this site exist

Go ahead and cry "noooo blizz will fix that" so? I dont care! there will be something new in the future. And there are so much way's to get gold. Stop crying, i just laugh about all the cryers here ;).