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Never Stay Tuned 2

It's still late at night, Olibith is in front of the TV and he's gonna zap until he falls asleep or run out of beer.
With Special Guests : Baron Soosdon & Oblivious films !
Another crazy channel surfing full of things you needed to see but missed because you were too busy farming gold to buy a TV.

The Techno song of Baron Soosdon's clip is called "RaverRaverRaver (S3RL remix)" by Gammer & EFM-7 and you can buy it at


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Never Stay Tuned 2
Episode 2 of this channel surfing comedy

Where Evil Grows
A wicked, detrimental, malevolant and pervy music video
-> The Poppy Family : Where Evil Grows

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Previously on LOST
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A music video -> Princess Superstar vs Mason : "Exceeder"

Why do birds suddenly appear ?
A music video -> The Carpenters : "Close to you".

Olibith is Borderline
A french music video with english subtitles -> Philippe Katerine : "Borderline".

The Urban Spaceman
A music video -> Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band : "The Urban Spaceman".My first video ever.

My underground lair
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