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Faction 2300+ Priest Arena
All 2v2/3v3 (mostly 2v2) clips from Faction of Nazjatar on US Shadowburn

I know fully well my BG is bad and that at least 3 of the teams in this video are not good. If I make another video i'll put alot more time into it and try to fraps vs top teams that we fight and only include them. However every team in this video was 2000+ at time of filming, so this isn't just us farming 1500 rating keyboard turners in greens (though some of them might as well be).

Song list is at the end; if you don't like the music I really don't care, I could put screamo crap in and hate myself for it or put music I actually listen to. I chose the latter~

Yes my UI is cluttered as hell but it works and if you have a brain you can still see whats going on just fine.

Note: Stage6 stream sound doesn't work unless it's fully loaded. I don't know how to fix this, so just wait until it's done loading before you watch it or DL it from filefront instead if you want music.