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New Tier Gear

Please Read

1. Blizzard has only added in Priest, Warlock, Mage, Rogue & Hunter Tier Sets.
2. They are under the file names of (example) Helm_Robe_RaidPriest_G_01_HuM.M2
("G" = Tier, A=Prophecy, B=Trans, C=Faith, etc)
3. Mage helm does NOT work yet and Mages (by the looks of it) do not get robes this time around.
4. I apologize for the missing particle textures on Hunter helm & shoulders.
5. I apologize for the crappy quality, it would have been much better but Sony Vegas decided to give me errors about the video size.
6. Please enjoy.

Mage Gear is NOT Pally Gear! Stop being ignorant, people!