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WotLK: The Power of Retribution
Because warriors are extraordinarily bad right now in WotLK beta, I have been spending most of my time testing paladin changes and how viable the Retribution tree will be come expansion. While the damage coefficients of judgements in particular will most likely be scaled down some, I still feel the class and spec as a whole will be much more versatile and formidable in arenas and PvP. Also note that this video was all recorded in the most recent build (Build 8778) well after judgements were fixed and Art of War was changed, etc.

Please also keep in mind that is it very difficult to find consistent even-level opponents in beta, as most people tend to hit level 77 (the current cap) and then not play much anymore. That said, the difference in levels between a 70 and 77 does not mean much in beta right now as most people have usually not upgraded much gear at all and you don't gain that many stats/hp from leveling.

Specifically, this video includes:
-Group PvP
-Solo PvP (1v1 and 1vX)
-Instance boss soloing in Halls of Stone and Drak'tharon Keep (hardest 2 instances in beta)
-Soloing Thrym (hardest outdoor npc in beta)

There is one editing error in the final fight that causes it to loop back a bit but it's nothing huge. It is also highly recommended that you download this and not stream it for best viewing enjoyment.

Music selection was used per request of some friends. The second song is a track provided by Isolee from Tichondrius server (thanks). Feedback and suggestions are welcome, as always. Hope everyone enjoys it!.