8-Point Rose Music Video Contest
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  • Presentation

    8-Point Rose and WarcraftMovies.com are proud to present and sponsor this exciting contest where you will be able to show off your music video skills in World of Warcraft. We have almost $200 worth of prizes!

    Below, you will be able to download Endless Rage from the Swedish band 8-Point Rose new album "Primigenia" and then create a music video for that song using World of Warcraft. Fittingly, the song is actutally a tribute to World of Warcraft.

    When the contest is over representatives from 8-Point Rose and WarcraftMovies.com will select the winners. The contest is open to anyone!

    Download the Song, lyrics and view presskit:
    The song "Endless Rage" (mp3)
    Listen to the whole album @ Spotify!

    More info about 8-Point rose:
    8-Point Rose from Sweden was formed by a few members of the former band Evermoore that had been producing demo-records and playing live in different cities in Scandinavia, Czech Republic and Germany for seven years.

    Their music can be described as melodic, heavy and catchy metal with strong melodies, and they are inspired by alot of other Scandinavian bands like In Flames, Nocturnal Rites, Tad Morose, The Rasmus, Evergrey and The Haunted.
  • Submission Period

    2010-06-22 - 2010-07-26
  • Announcing the Winners

  • Prizes!

  • 1st place: 8-Point Rose - Endless Rage by Pagos
    - 3 signed 8-point Rose CD albums.
    - Signed 8-point rose T-shirt
    - 1 Year Premium Membership

  • 2nd place: 8-Point Rose - Endless Rage by TribalgamerXP
    - 2 signed 8-point Rose CD albums.
    - Signed 8-point Rose T-shirt
    - 6 Months Premium Membership

  • 3rd place: 8-Point Rose - Endless Rage by Setzertrancer
    - 1 signed 8-point Rose CD album.
    - 3 Months Premium Membership

  • Rules

    1. Eligibility: The contest is open for all our users.

    2. Length: The lenght of the song + credits and promo.

    3. Content: The video must contain the full song.

    4. Participation:
    4:1 Posting entries outside the WCM Network during the contest period (before winners are announced) will result in disqualification.
    4:2 Multiple entries from the same author are permitted.
    4:3 Movie has to be uploaded using our submission form and selecting category "Contest".
    4:4 WarcraftMovies.com Promotion Clip must be in the intro of the movie submitted.

    5. Winning: An expert panel at WCM including members from 8-Point Rose the best video. The decision is final.
  • Q & A

    Q: Can I make more than one submission?
    A: Yes, the only limitation is how much spare time you got.

    Q: How do I participate?
    A: Enter the contest by clicking the image to the left and choose Contest as cateogry.

    Q: How do I receive the prize money?
    A: Preferably via Paypal or Paynova but other methods can be sorted.

    Q: Can I win both 1st, 2nd and 3rd place?
    A: Yes.

    Q: Where do I turn if I have more questions?
    A: [email protected]

    Q: Can I add my own lyrics or modify the sound/music?
    A: No, you have to leave the song completely intact.

    Q: Can I mix in some IRL shots into the movie?
    A: Yes you may, as long as it does not take over completely.

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