Pheq's Rogue Macro Tutorial by Pheq
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This video is to show everyone how to properly make an expose armor over sap macro, plus a few extra macros that will definitely help you in PvP.

After HappyMinti released his 2 button EA over Sap video, I had to release my own simply because I had been perfecting it since early season 2. My hopes are that this video will give you a better understanding of macros in general and be a great aid in PvP.

The video has narration and great visual aids to help you fully understand how the macros work as well as examples for their use.

As always, good luck and have fun!

[An External Link to the Vimeo Stream since the WCM link doesn't always seem to work]

[Warrior TR duel referenced to in the video]

[Cogwheel's macro guide]


I talked to someone about issues with having two of the same named weapon; Sinister Revenge for example. If you run into this problem you're going to have to modify your macro a bit. Here it is:

#showtooltip Expose Armor
/cast Premeditation
/equipslot 16 WEAPON IN YOUR BAG
/cast [stealth] Cheap Shot; [nostealth] Expose Armor

Now, what this means is that the macro will swap in a new weapon from your bag. MAKE SURE THIS WEAPON IS IN SLOT #1 (the upper left corner) of your main bag, the backpack. I will explain why this is later.

The problem with having two weapons of the same name is that if you try to equip back to your original setup (say double SR), the lines

/equipslot 16 Sinister Revenge
/equipslot 17 Sinister Revenge

will simply keep cycling your OH to your MH, not allowing you to use anything at all.

So what you have to do is bind another button to swap back the old SR from your bag. That macro looks like this:

/script PickupContainerItem (0,1)
/script PickupInventoryItem(16)

You're going to still be able to spam the EA over Sap macro without a GCD cycle, but you can't macro the /script lines to your specials to reset your weapons to their correct positions. If you do, and you start spamming a button with these two macro lines in it, you will get caught up in an endless GCD cycle.

Instead you have to bind this button separately and hit it ONCE! to put them back in their correct order.

Also, the reason I had you put that weapon you're going to be swapping into your MH into the first slot of your backpack, is that one of the lines in the second macro checks that slot for the weapon it will replace your MH with. If there is no weapon in that slot, the macro will not work.

I'm sorry that for these people with Double SR or double weapons of any kind with the same name you're going to have two still use two buttons, but the significant part is that you are still able to spam the EA over sap macro without an endless GCD cycle. You just have to hit a 2nd button ONCE afterwards to set your weapons back to their correct positions. There is no way, to my knowledge anyways, of a way to get this to work in 1 button and eliminate a GCD cycle.


Update #2:

If you are getting "Ability is not ready" it is because you have a weapon somewhere in your bags that you also have in one of your hands. The macro is basically cycling the same weapon from the bag with the one in your hand not allowing it to reach the Expose Armor command.

In this case simply bank the weapon in your bag that is the same as one of the weapons in your hands. This should allow you to use the macro properly..
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