2450 2v2 2MADD by Nurfme (Madd)
Class: Warlock | Category: PvP | Server : US - Windrunner ( Reckoning )
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Nurfme (Madd)'s Arena Team 1
Maddlexie Gamax
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Hey , I really appreciate everyone who enjoyed my 2nd video. If you have not, do not worry because I am working long and hard to perfect a third. Which I have already started and can be found under my Filefront called Madd v3.0 Preview.

This is an Warlock/Shaman 2v2 ARENA only movie with my partner Gamax and I duking it out at ~2450. Please download if you want best quality. This was all recorded on Feb. 11th & 12th after patch 3.0.9. Some of these rogue’s damage were still 150% on Mut with poisons despite the nerf. Currently we are top 10 in our battle group (Reckoning) but we have only played together for 2 days.

Teams we fought in order of of appearance:
Resto Shaman/ Mut Rogue
Disc Priest/ Rogue
Death Knight/ Shaman
Frost/Arcane Mage/ Rogue
Holy Paladin/ Fury Warrior
Ret Paladin/ Rogue
Hunter/ Priest
Resto Shaman / Lock
Survival Hunter/ Feral Druid

Dead & Gone by T.I. and J.T.
Don’t Trust me by 3oh!3
This Suffering by Billy Talent
Help I’m Alive by Metric
Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day

Mods used (available at curse.com or wowinterface)
SCT - for scrolling combat text
Gladius – mod that targets makes a clickable target box and tells me CD of trinket + duration of cc
CCtracker – tracks CC time
Afflicted – tracks enemy cool downs
Xperl – unit frames
Bartender – Changes bars how I want it
Pminimap – map mod
Quartz- gives me better casting bars
Omni cc- cooldown timer

Only mod that’s really useful is Gladius + CCtracker


Hit me up on Arenajunkies.com as Maddlexie if you have any questions

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