Cloud 9 by Zimtower
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Movie Summary
Kim Lukas - Cloud 9
A song about going to a place beyond imagination, reaching pure bliss and Cloud 9 itself. I will leave the rest open to interpretation :) Rendered entirely by gnomes, this video will not disappoint.
~Music Video Authorized by Kim lukas

This music video is one of the first 3D animated World of Warcraft machinimas(barely machinima) and is also my second official release. I have worked on it using my free time over a period of an entire year and just last week I decided to finish the 2nd half of the video(procrastination makes perfect). Everything in this music video was experimental so I created a bunch of new 3D animation/effects techniques in the process. My next project is going to be Gnomes of Gnomeregan which I am currently getting ready to animate in the coming weeks which is also very exciting.

Thanks for watching :)

Tools Used:
Lightwave 3D 9.5
Messiah Studio
Sony Vegas 8
Photoshop CS4

This is not custom animation, it is 3D animation. I do not cheat by stealing rigs and other animations made by other people. These are my rigs and my animation. All other World of Warcraft content is property of Blizzard Entertainment. If you wish to follow my path, I suggest starting with Lightwave because Autodesk products are very technical industry programs and takes a lot of strict training before you can even create anything resembling art. Remember, artists use lightwave :).
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