Blitzwing 2250+ 2v2 by Blitzwing
Class: Death Knight | Category: PvP | Server : US - Rivendare ( Emberstorm )
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Blitzwing's Arena Team 1
Tekli Blitzwing
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PvE All Stars BG-Emberstorm Drak'Tharon 2200-2300 2v2

I play the Dk Blitzwing and my partner Tekli plays the paladin in 2s, yes I know it's OP. :D We play on Emberstorm(yeah I know lolstorm). The matches in the video are all vs 2100+ teams on the battlegroup. I tried to include some mirror matches and counter comps to show our play style. I didn't add in commentary during the video which a lot of people doing but if it is indeed something people actually want and request for I'll consider making another version with it added in. Any constructive criticism is welcome whether it may be about our play style or editing. Hope you guys enjoy! Also please download it, stream quality isn't very good.

EDIT: Will have more mirrors up soon.

Death Knight - 0/21/50

Paladin - 37/0/34

Fight List:
Lag and Mcwanger: ~2200 Affliction Lock / Resto Shaman
Lichie and Chestersbish: ~2100 Unholy DK / Arcane mage
Sassafrassa and Sabrewulf: 2103 Affliction Lock / Elem Shaman
Soybeanrice and Tible: 2103 Affliction Lock / Holy Pally
Twilight and Nikkitine:(Round 1) 2222 Surv Hunter / Holy Pally
Twilight and Nikkitine:(Round 2) 2222 Surv Hunter / Holy Pally
Undenied and Elegido: 2201 Shadowfrost DK / Hybrid Pally

Music list(Electro/house):
More feat. Lauren Rocket Matthew Dekay Remix
Insight Feat Asheru A SkillZ Remix
Shredder Original Mix
All Is Machine Original Mix
Take It Low Lazy Rich Mix

-First movie in a while and very rusty with editing skills so bear with me :D
-Not a Montage. All Clips were taken during one night of play from 2200-2300
-Everyone makes mistakes
-Yeah I know it's lolstorm Battlegroup
-Also I do realize how FOTM the comp is
-Ratings of the Teams posted are from the time of video creation
-If you don't like the music there is a mute button.
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