2550+ Arena PvP - Resto Shaman / Survival Hunter by son
Class: Shaman | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Mazrigos ( Reckoning )
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son's Arena Team 1
Dduh Sonofmother
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son's Arena Team 2
Isthatmuff Kungkenino Sonofmother
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Hi, Ive been PvPing with my shaman since release now and I thought it was finally about time I made a movie! :-)

I've been mostly rank1 in the 2vs2 and 3vs3 bracket the last few weeks and our opponents are top rated aswell!

I have a pretty aggressive playstyle I would say, I think that works best for me!

The movie starts with 3vs3 where I play with Rogue and Mage, then moves on to 2vs2 fights with a Survival Hunter!

Havent had much time to gather nice clips because I really just wanted to release a movie to see how it went. If I ever make a second movie i'll take my time to gather some really nice clips! Had perhaps 20 clips and used half of them, so not alot of variety on opponents either. I'll take my time to record alot of clips for the next movie so I have alot to choose from!

It is my first movie so the editing ain't that good, but I live and learn and it was a fun challenge

Enough talk! :P Enjoy and please try to leave constructive comments on how I can improve my next film :-)
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